Our Team

Our friendly and helpful staff are always available to help you or your child with any questions or requests. Please don't hesitate to contact any of our team members directly.

Ainsley RobertsView Profile Deputy Head of Programmes View More
Anna MaroutianView Profile General Manager View More
Catherine FarrenView Profile Teacher View More
Chizuko NakaoView Profile Accounts Receivable Controller View More
Dalija VujecView Profile Teacher View More
Daria WrzesinskaView Profile Sales Co-ordinator View More
Eisuke SuzukiView Profile Marketing Manager View More
Elena GardelliView Profile Visual Design View More
Emily WalshView Profile Teacher View More
Garth YounghusbandView Profile Director View More
Gavin HardsView Profile Academic Team Leader View More
Geoff NurseyView Profile Teacher and Activity Leader View More
Ita HennessyView Profile Academic Manager View More
Jessica KruckenfellnerView Profile Social Media Coordinator and Sales Assistant View More
Jo TuiteView Profile Senior Teacher View More
Joanna LoveView Profile Senior Teacher View More
Joanna ModrzewskaView Profile Homestay Accommodation Manager View More
Kanwal NarulaView Profile Teacher and Exams Officer / UPS Advisor View More
Kelly HardingView Profile Head of Administration View More
Laurine TastetView Profile Head of Sales View More
Liz PorterView Profile Teacher View More
Lois MackenzieView Profile Teacher View More
Magdalena OgielloView Profile Teacher View More
Marcella DiasView Profile Student Service Officer View More
Maria KlinchevaView Profile Accounts Payable Controller View More
Maricel SamsonView Profile Head of Programmes View More
Mark CarterView Profile Teacher View More
Orla Ni SheaghdhaView Profile Student Services Manager View More
Patricia BovisView Profile Teacher View More
Paula BaileyView Profile Marketing Manager View More
Pauline BouchatView Profile Sales Coordinator View More
Sandra ByrneView Profile Teacher View More
Sophie McDonaldView Profile Teacher View More
Yoko MoriyaView Profile Sales Co-ordinator View More